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Frequently Asked Questions (check here first)
A list of the most commonly asked questions about portmasters, updated weekly.

Download ComOS upgrades, management tools, radius software, and other useful programs.

PM-2 and PM-3 Quick-Start Pages
Read these easy to follow instructions FIRST when trying to set up a portmaster.

Password Override
Detailed instructions on how to recover a lost or forgotten password on a Portmaster, IRX or OR series router.

Good site for customer modem troubleshooting, disconnects, slow speeds, incompatibilities, etc...

Portmaster-users Mailing Lists (also check the Archive Mirror)
Draw upon hundreds of years of combined technological experience in using portmaster products by subscribing to one of the portmaster support mailing lists.  These lists are comprised of thousands of users, current, and former employees of Lucent and is the BEST resource to get your technical questions answered.

Documentation Online
Data sheets, technical notes, release notes, and manuals. Check here for the most commonly needed information.

Technical Corner
Technotes, release notes, manuals, software quick-downloads, debug tools, mailing list archives, and more. Check here for more detailed information.

Contacting Tech-Support
Portmasters.com technical support information, such as work hours, mail and email addresses, and more. Contact us if you cannot find answers to your questions using the above links.

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