UPDATE: August 28, 2001

Note: Lucent has given Portmasters.com the code for the password override. Lucent no longer supports the password override procedure.

If you have lost or forgotten a password to a Portmaster, IRX or OR series router:

  1. 1. Have a terminal or PC with a terminal emulation program such as HyperTerm connected to S0 or C0 of the unit with a null modem cable and dip switch 1 raised.
  2. Turn on the unit and login as !root and enter the as the password 'override'. This will fail, but it will also return a 16-character CHALLENGE string.
  3. Send an email to override@portmasters.com with the challenge string in the body of the email.  Make sure to disable any signature files on your email client and set your email client to send plain-text before sending the email. If you have problems getting a response, you can send just the word "help" in the body of the email and we will return an email with detailed instructions on this procedure.
  4. You should receive an emailed response to your challenge string momentarily. Login as !root again, but this time the password is the RESPONSE string emailed back to you. If entered correctly, you should now see a command line prompt.
  5. To change the password or see what it was, use the 'set password' command. Make sure that if you change the password, that you also issue a 'save all' command to save the new password.

Note: Both the challenge and response are case sensitive.

IMPORTANT: Once you have emailed the Challenge string, do not attempt any further logins or reboot the unit until you have received the response string and entered it at the PortMaster (TM) console login prompt, or you will have to begin the process over again.

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