All Lucent PortMaster products share the same advanced ComOS -- the operating system that supports thousands of network service providers and millions of Internet users worldwide. Refined over nearly a decade of use in 78 countries. ComOS interoperates in virtually any environment, with virtually any modem and protocol stack. A relentless pursuit of perfection has delivered a complete, robust, yet incredibly easy to use InterNetworking Systems operating system.

Important attributes of ComOS include:

Focus - ComOS has never been anything other than an operating system for InterNetworking Systems use.

Modularity - Developed before component architectures became popular, the modular design of ComOS achieves many of the same design objectives. Each module focuses on a very specific function. And ComOS is more efficient because it only uses the modules that are necessary for a specific task.

Full-Featured Routing Support - ComOS supports virtually every commonly used protocol. Better still, ComOS is delivered as a total package, with no additional charges or license fees to support specific protocols.

Cross-Platform Compatibility - The same ComOS runs on all Lucent InterNetworking Systems platforms, with the same interface; simplifying installation, training and ongoing maintenance.

Ease of Use - ComOS makes PortMaster access servers extremely easy to configure and run. For example, its depth of features and straightforward interface allow a user to get a PortMaster 3 up and running with as few as twelve simple commands. And, more importantly, once the RAS is up, it requires very little ongoing attention to keep it functioning.

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