Wiring money to Portmasters.com 

You can wire money directly to our account. Your bank can facilitate this for you.
Determine the total amount of the invoice.
You will need to get a rate quote for shipping from us unless you provide your own shipping account number.

Be sure to tell your bank that all wire transfer charges are to be paid by the sender. Ask your bank if they use an intermediary bank for wire transfers. If this is the case, there may be as much as a $20 inter-bank wire transfer charge which you will need to include in the wire transfer. Your bank should be able to tell you what the intermediary bank charges for the wire transfer. It is typically $15 for Asian and South American banks. Many European banks do not have this charge because they have USA branches or agreements with USA based banks.

  Bank Information: <This information is no longer available online for security purposes. Please email sales@portmasters.com if you wish to make a wire transfer.>


After the wire transfer is completed, please notify us of the date and the amount you wired to our account so that we can verify that the wire transfer was made and properly received by our bank. You can do this by faxing or emailing a receipt or bank confirmation to us. Email: sales@portmasters.com USA Fax: 713-774-3498.

If you need more help, please email: sales@portmasters.com .