Example RADIUS (TM) clients file

UPDATED: August 20, 1999


The clients file is used to verify clients (PortMasters (TM)) that have permission to access the users file.

Each Portmaster accessing the users file must have an entry in the clients file.

Client Name:

  • The name of the client must be a valid host name, meaning you must be able to ping the host name as it appears in the clients file from the host in order for RADIUS to function. 
  • If you want to make RADIUS function independent of DNS then put the ip address of the Portmaster in the clients file.
  • Do not put more that one entry per Portmaster.
  • Each time an authentication request comes from the Portmaster the client file is re-parsed.


  • The users' passwords are encrypted as they are passed between the Portmaster and RADIUS. In order to de-crypt these passwords each Portmaster and each respective line in RADIUS must have a matching key to crypt and decrypt these passwords.
  • On the Portmaster the key is set with the following command:
  • set secret testing123

Example client file.

# This file contains a list of clients which are allowed to
# make authentication requests and their encryption key.
# The first field is a valid hostname for the client.
# The second field (separated by blanks or tabs) is the 
# encryption key.
#Client Name            Key
#----------------       -------------------
portmaster1             testing123