Packet filter to watch TCP packets

UPDATED: August 25, 1999


This packet filter will show all TCP packets arriving at or passing through the PortMaster (TM).

TCP packets are used by applications such as httpd (world wide web), ftp, telnet and many others.

Command> add filter seetcp
New Filter successfully added

Command> set filter seetcp 1 permit tcp
Filter seetcp updated

NOTE: If you only wanted to see packets from TCP
negotiations then add the word estab to the end of the filter rule.
Command> set filter seetcp 1 permit tcp estab
Filter seetcp updated

Note: The following rules block out telnet packets which 
comes in handy if you happen to be telnetted into the PortMaster.
Command> set filter seetcp 2 deny tcp src eq 23
Filter seetcp updated
Command> set filter seetcp 3 deny tcp dst eq 23
Filter seetcp updated

To turn on ... 

Command> set console
Setting CONSOLE to admin session
Command> ptrace seetcp ext
Packet Tracing Enabled

To turn off... 

Command> ptrace
Packet Tracing Disabled
Command> reset console
Console RESET