Packet filter to watch RADIUS (TM) packets

UPDATED: August 26, 1999


This packet filter will show all RADIUS packets returning to the PortMaster (TM). It will NOT show RADIUS packets from the PortMaster.

This is a very useful tool in debugging RADIUS problems. If the RADIUS packet is returning from an IP address that differs from the IP address (or the IP address of the hostname) that appears for the RADIUS server with the "show global" command, then the packet is discarded.

Command> add filter r
New Filter successfully added
Command> set filter r 1 permit udp src eq 1645
Filter r updated
Command> set console
Setting CONSOLE to admin session
Command> ptrace r ext
Packet Tracing Enabled

# Example ptrace output
UDP from to 
UDP from to 
UDP from to 
UDP from to 

To turn off... 

Command> ptrace
Packet Tracing Disabled
Command> reset console
Console RESET
To show all RADIUS packets from the PortMaster to the RADIUS server, add this
line to the packet filter:
Command> set filter r 2 permit udp dst eq 1645
Filter r updated