Packet filter to watch all IP packets

DATE: August 25, 1999


This packet filter will show all packets arriving at or passing through the PortMaster (TM).

This packet trace is useful when trying to figure out why a connection is NOT idling out. RIP packets (UDP/520) are considered idle traffic and will not keep a link up if the link is configured to drop due to lack of traffic.

BIG NOTE: If you are telnetting to the PortMaster you NEED to filter out your own telnet traffic on TCP port 23 or all you will see is the cascading effect of your own output.

Command> add filter icmp
New Filter successfully added
Command> set filter icmp 1 permit icmp
Filter icmp updated

To turn on ... 

Command> set console
Setting CONSOLE to admin session
Command> ptrace icmp ext
Packet Tracing Enabled

To turn off... 

Command> ptrace
Packet Tracing Disabled
Command> reset console
Console RESET