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A Glossary of computer-related abbreviations and acronyms:
Information for new Internet users:

Frame Relay

Motorola's Frame Relay page - lots of FR information:


A wealth of ISDN information:
A brief listing of ISDN best sellers available from Bellcore:
Equipment that is of interest to ISPs providing ISDN to a number of other sites:
Bell Atlantic ISDN overview:
Pacific Bell Fastrak ISDN overview:
Dan Kegel's ISDN page:
Includes information on SPIDs, Ordering codes, etc:
National ISDN Users Forum, very informative:


All you wanted to know about T1 but were afraid to ask:

Vendor-Specific Modems

Miscellaneous Modem Vendors

Portmaster Users

Indexed PortMaster users mailing list archive:
A HyperMail interface to the PortMaster-Users. A mailing list archive going back to August 1995:
A repository of information for PortMaster owners:

Other Portmaster Resources

PortMaster mailing list on the web:
The unofficial PortMaster Web site:
PortMaster command summary:
pmmon is a PortMaster Monitor Utility. It monitors user online time, and enforces a hard and soft limit for online time. It also gathers a few statistics, and has an HTML interface:
PortMaster utilities:
Unofficial PortMaster utilities site:
pmstats by Jeff Carneal. It parses PortMaster log files and generates HTML reports:
Kevin Fink's collection of useful scripts for PortMaster users:
BPM Perl tools for PortMaster Admin:
BPM Perl tools for PortMaster Admin - another site:
PERL pmcommand and tools:
The ultimate PortMaster 11 site: How to set them up, upgrade them, repair them, software, scripts:
pmwho by Johan Persson:
pmcom by Johan Persson:
Detail file parser:
Script to setup port prompts:


RADIUS for the Mac:
Doing assigned pools in RADIUS:
RADIUS for NT #1:
RADIUS for NT #2:
RADIUS for NT #3: Product End of Life Notification: RADIUS NT
CRYPTOCard commercial RADIUS server for NT:
Research paper on RADIUS:
RADIUS mods:
IDEA R-Home:

Search Engine - Portmaster Lists

Harvest search engine interface to the PortMaster-Users mailing list:


GhostScript (Postscript Viewer) for PC:
Stalker - maker of PortConnector. A comm port redirector for the Mac:
UNIX (Postscript Viewer):
GhostScript (Postscript Viewer) for Mac:


General packet filtering recommendations:

Portmaster User Archive

European mirror of Lucent 's software archive:


Comprehensive security site:
Merit/Michnet Homepage:
Win95 fine tuning:
zip syslogd for WinNT and Win95:
Netpipe version 3.1:

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