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 About This Guide

 Audience ix

 PortMaster Documentation ix

 Document Conventions x

 Document Advisories xi

 Contacting Lucent Remote Access Technical Support xii

 For the EMEA Region xii

 For North America, Latin America, and the Asia Pacific Region xii
 Subscribing to PortMaster Mailing Lists xiii

1. PortMaster 3 Overview

 Front Panel 1-2

 Five-Section DIP Switch 1-2
 LED Descriptions 1-3

 Rear Panel 1-5

 PortMaster 3 Product Line 1-6

 PortMaster 3 Software 1-7

2. Installing the PortMaster 3

 Installation Checklist 2-1

 Choose a Site 2-2

 Environment 2-2

 Chassis Accessibility 2-2

 Air Flow and Cooling 2-2

 Power Guidelines 2-2
 Prepare the Work Area 2-3

 Install a Rack Mount (Optional) 2-4

 Connect a Console 2-5

 Connect a T1, Channelized T1, E1, or ISDN PRI Line(s) 2-6

 Connect an Ethernet Cable 2-7

 Ethernet 10BaseT 2-7

 Ethernet AUI 2-8

 Ethernet 10Base2 2-9
 Turn On Power 2-10

 Log In 2-13

 Set the Network Address 2-13

 Configuration Information 2-14

3. Installing Optional Equipment

 Installing Digital Modem Cards 3-1

 Removing Digital Modem Cards 3-3

 Installing an External Modem 3-4

 Adding Memory 3-5

 Installing a T1 Card 3-7

 T1 Card Configuration Information 3-9
 Install a Compression or Accelerator Card 3-9

 Required Equipment 3-9

 Procedure 3-10

A. Troubleshooting

 Observing LED Behavior A-1

 Observing Boot Messages A-4

 Replacing a Fuse A-7

B. Cabling Specifications

 Pinout Specifications B-1

 Null Modem Cable B-2

 Straight-through Cable B-3

 T1/E1 Cable B-4

 Ethernet Interface B-5

C. Physical Specifications

 Interface Specifications C-1

 Size and Weight Specifications C-2

 Environmental Specifications C-2

 Electrical Specifications C-2



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