PortMaster 4
Integrated Access Concentrator

High volume, multi-service network access

PortMaster 4 The explosion in InterNetworking Systems to networks has placed new demands on the network service providers and corporate departments that support them. The number of users has increased. They tend to stay on-line longer. The data they exchange has become more complex, the files larger. As a service provider, you must deliver fast, reliable access to meet user demands.

The Lucent Technologies PortMaster® 4 integrated access concentrator supports these high volume, multi-service access requirements with unparalleled flexibility and industry-leading scalability. Its next generation architecture delivers carrier-class capacity and unequalled performance on a single shelf, conserving precious floor space. And its multiple chassis configuration enables seamless growth.

Carrier-Class InterNetworking Systems

Any Service, Any Port, Any Time

Whether your network supports large scale traditional Internet access, wholesale and outsourcing services, enterprise-wide InterNetworking Systems, or a combination, the PortMaster 4 integrated access concentrator provides the multi-service capabilities you need to succeed. All elements of InterNetworking Systems are supported, including Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN), 56K modems (V.90, K56flex), a wide array of high-speed leased line connections, Frame Relay, and more. And, the PortMaster 4 permits a seamless migration path to new advanced services, standards, and technology.

PortMaster 4's robust ComOS routing engine allows routes to be configured statically or learned through support for a variety of dynamic routing protocols. OSPF ensures highly efficient allocation of scarce IP address. And BGP4 support provides reliable Internet connectivity by permitting multi-homing application to maintain connections between multiple Internet service providers.

Importantly, PortMaster 4 offers unparalleled flexibility, allowing you to allocate all fully routable port resources any way you wish. You can have dedicated and switched services in the same concentrator, even on the same card. No longer will you have to dedicate an individual card to a single type of service. You determine the optimal configuration to meet your application and bandwidth requirements. Any service, any port, any time.

Figure 1

PortMaster 4 supports traditional Internet access, wholesale and outsourcing services as well as enterprise InterNetworking Systems.

Superior Density, Modular Scalability

Developed specifically for providers who operate large-scale points of presence, the PortMaster 4's 10-slot chassis supports up to 864 T1 or 810 E1 56K modem connections and/or ISDN sessions in a single chassis occupying only 15.75 inches of vertical rack space. More than 4,000 simultaneous sessions can be delivered within a seven-foot cabinet. And, the PortMaster 4 can multiplex a full T3 or E3 on a single shelf.

Easy scalability is a hallmark of the PortMaster 4. Upgrading port capacity is as easy as inserting a new module. And on-line insertion and removal of modules minimizes service disruptions.

Lucent offers Quad T1/Primary Rate Interface (PRI) modules (including two hot spares) that support 98 56K modems or High Level Data Link Control (HDLC) sessions for dial-up ISDN. Tri E1 modules provide similar capacity for European installations.

For higher density applications, Lucent offers single slot T3 or E3 modules. The T3 module supports a full 672 Digital Signal Zeros (DSOs) for channelized T3 operation. Further, the module can multiplex any individual T1 stream over the virtual backplane to any installed Quad T1/PRI card, allowing you to further leverage your initial hardware investment and migrate to T3-based service as your business needs grow.

Unsurpassed Performance

The PortMaster 4 features a distributed multi-processor architecture, an embedded 5 Gbps Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) cell-switching fabric, and a virtual backplane design. This next generation architecture allows you to add capacity without affecting performance. Each single slot module provides additional processing capacity to terminate modem and ISDN sessions right on the card, eliminating latencies and potential performance drains inherent in bus architectures.

The design of the System Management Module (SMM), which maintains control functions and manages all chassis modules, contributes to the high levels of performance delivered by the PortMaster. Its high-speed switching fabric is directly linked to a virtual backplane on the unit's chassis, independent from the physical backplane. This provides dedicated, high capacity 155 Mbps service to each module and enables a cost-effective migration path for future enhancements.

The SMM also provides two physical network interfaces -- one auto-detecting 10/100 Mbps Ethernet port and one 10 Mbps management port. And, it maintains statistics on temperature, power consumption, number of modules installed, module type, and configuration data. Where 100% network availability is an absolute requirement, a second SMM can be installed, on stand-by for a hot crossover -- without any loss of routing information.

High Availability, Outstanding Reliability

The PortMaster 4 brings carrier-class quality of service to InterNetworking Systems concentrators by eliminating all single points of failure. Its fault tolerant design builds on the reputation for outstanding reliability that PortMaster products have earned in the marketplace with features that are critical to central site operation, such as an ability to insert or remove modules on-line, a redundant, load-sharing power architecture, and advanced thermal design.

Up to three hot-swappable, load-sharing power units can be installed. For DC-powered applications, the PortMaster 4 sources power directly through a dual-input rear-panel connector. Redundant, hot-swappable fans ensure efficient air flow across all modules. Throughout, the redundant nature of the PortMaster 4's carrier-proven architecture minimizes support requirements and helps maximize system up-time.

Comprehensive Management and Security

PortMaster 4 integrated access concentrators can be administered centrally through our JavaTM-based graphical configuration utility. Network managers can collect statistics, upgrade software, busy-out modems and circuits, even monitor calls in progress all from a central site. Or, if you prefer, the PortMaster 4 can be administered locally, using one of two chassis console ports. Other support includes RADIUS, BOOTp, TFTP, Telnet, and Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP).

Lucent Technologies Expanding Your World

Lucent Technologies and our innovation arm, Bell Labs, develops communications systems to help carriers and providers meet today's needs and tomorrow's opportunities. Our access solutions, for example, supply dependable, integrated InterNetworking Systems for ISPs and enterprise networks worldwide. More than 2,000 ISPs use the company's PortMaster InterNetworking Systems servers, IRXTM, FireWall IRX, Office Router and other products.

Industry-Leading InterNetworking Systems Software

ComOS Operating System

PortMaster 4 runs on the Lucent Technologies ComOS® operating system. Designed specifically for access routing, ComOS supports a variety of IP routing protocols, including Open Shortest Path First (OSPF), Border Gateway Protocol Version 4 (BGP4), and Routing Information Protocol (RIP). It has been continually enhanced through nearly a decade of use to deliver the exceptional reliability essential for demanding 7x24 operations.

This powerful software tool also provides support for extensive security features for both dial-in and dedicated access, as well as a full compliment of network management functionality. ComOS has a highly efficient, scalable design, allowing you to add features seamlessly. And, significantly, ComOS is unique in its ability to run on multiple InterNetworking Systems platforms - the same software with the same interface - reducing configuration and training time.

PortMaster 4 Specifications