PortMaster 2
InterNetworking Systems Servers

Affordable access with growth potential

PortMaster 2

A basic rule in business is that growth has its price. But you don't have to pay a large price if you choose the Lucent PortMaster 2 family of servers. Using PortMaster servers, corporations and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) can deliver the right amount of access using standard analog telephone lines or Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) Basic Rate Interface (BRI) service. You can start with as few as 10 ports and grow to as many as 30 by simply adding expansion modules. This way, you only pay for the access you need.

PortMaster 2 communications servers incorporate our Internet-proven ComOS® operating system for exceptional reliability, plus advanced firewall packet filtering and comprehensive centralized management and security. More than 2,000 ISPs and thousands of corporate networks depend on PortMaster equipment for mission-critical connectivity. It's one reason why Lucent is a leader in remote networking products, with a million ports deployed worldwide.

PortMaster 2 Specifications