56K-Related Products and Resources

PortMaster 3 V.90 Support
PortMaster ComOS support for the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) standards-based V.90 modem protocol is now available.

Lucent Press Release
Industry takes major step toward high speed modem standard.

PortMaster 3 Integrated Access Server Datasheet
The PortMaster® 3 integrates Lucent's True DigitalTM K56flex modem technology, ISDN capability CSU/DSU, a communications server, and a router into a compact chassis.

Download the latest ComOSTM
ComOS is required to run 56K modem cards in the PortMaster 3's.

K56flexTMRules of Thumb
K56flex True Digital Modem Rules of Thumb.

ISP K56flex POP Directory Registration Form
Register to be included in the official K56flex POP directory.

Release Notes for ComOS 3.7.1
The release notes include features, commands, helpful hints, and upgrade instructions.

International Customers
(except Canada)

PortMaster 3 Frequently Asked 56K Questions
The most commonly asked questions about the PortMaster 3's 56K capapbility.