Setting up Tactical Software's DialOut/IP with a PM3 or PM4

UPDATE: April 28th, 2003

Background: Tactical Software makes a Product called DialOut/IP which can be used to turn your Portmaster remote access server into a Dial-Out modem server for a Windows based network. There are some set up specifics when dealing with the internal modems of a pm3 or pm4. This document was submitted by a Portmasters.com client. It helps to clarify how to get DialOut/IP working properly with a PM3 and PM4.

Written by:

Henry Duong
Network Analyst I
State Street Kansas City

Portmaster 3 Serial/Port Configuration for Dial-Out

The Portmaster 3 uses a series of commands to configure a port for dial-out usage. With true digital configuration, it provides a more stable connection. There are only sixteen port configured on the Portmaster 3 to dial-out due to DialOut/IP port licensing.

The following is the series of command to configure the port master for dial-out:

The UART for each serial/port must be configured to handle the baud rate on both sides during the modem to modem handshake as well as the flow control.

Baud-rate on all the serial/port has been set at 115200.

MTU size is by default as 1500.

Once the baud rate and flow control is set, the operating parameters must be configured on each port, including disabling security on each port that is being used for dial-out.

The last thing to configure on the port is to allow and accept connections from DialOut/IP as well as it must be configured as a dial-out or twoway/network connection.

All serial/port for both dial in and dial out belongs to group 0. Once the port is configured, the serial/port will have to be reset to clear any open or garbage data, and the running configuration must be save.

Serial/Port S0 – S20 has been configured to ‘Network/Twoway’ to allow both dial in and dial out access. Dial-out will only use serial/ports S0-S20 with telnet port 6001 in the pool. The communication method used is Telnet CR-Padding. Dialin access will use port S0-S46.

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